R2 Custom Grille - 2014-2016 Acura MDX (No Emblem)

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The J2 Customs “R2” custom grille uses the diamond pattern found on 2018 and newer Acuras. The R2 grille is hand-built to order using OEM parts and assembled proudly in Canada.


  • These are OEM parts that are cut and assembled. From close (within 6-10 inches) you may see the cut marks in some areas. All posted photos are of grilles assembled in this fashion. We do not refund.
  • Custom grilles may interfere with adaptive cruise function (though we have reports from at least 3 customers that their adaptive cruise was not affected)

Instantly upgrade your MDX’s style and class with the new pattern and aggressively large emblem.

This grille is a complete, drop-in assembly. Front bumper removal is required for a painless install. Minimal tools required with about 45-60 minutes working time.

Each grille is built-to-order, and takes between 4-6 weeks to produce. This version does not include the OEM Emblem (order from your local dealer), grille surround, or seal (reuse from your existing grille).

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